Leeds Vineyard

Teaching Series

Here are some of our more recent teaching series in case you would like to catch up on talks you have missed. You can also re-watch the Sunday Gathering livestream on YouTube.

Our teaching theme for 2023 is Kingdom Power Glory
Our teaching theme for 2022 is to learn that we are known, loved and expected and that Life is sacred.
Catch up here on recent one-off talks.
Our teaching theme for 2021 is Heart to Heart. Its all about justice: to grasp God's heart for justice, to teach my heart to learn justice and to change our heart to seek justice.
Talks based on the Psalms released each Sunday during August.
Our teaching theme for 2020 is Follow Me. It's all about being a disciple: being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus and doing what Jesus did.
Christians have a radically different take on identity, life, relationships and sexual ethics as a result of following our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. He shows us a radically better way to live.
Our teaching theme for 2019 is The Good Book. It's about the Bible which is a unified story leading us to Jesus. We're going to read and study it together.
A teaching series on the book of Romans
Our teaching theme for 2018 is Prayer. We'll learn through teaching and Small Groups. We'll pray alone and pray together.
In the run up to Christmas each year we take stock and consider how we can demonstrate compassion to those around us and give thanks for all that Jesus has done for us.
A series of talks, articles and resources on the topic of prayer and fasting.
Our teaching theme for 2017 is exploring the question 'Who is Jesus?' by looking at the gospel of Mark.
Is God interested in how I handle my money and possessions? What does the bible say about spending or debt? How can I become a generous person? This series is made up of really helpful talks and resources which address these issues.
For 2016 our teaching theme is “a culture of invitation”. We will add to this series every few weeks over the course of the year.
Christmas 2016 theme
The greatest storyteller ever. We love to read and laugh and learn from the stories that Jesus told. Here are a few talks about them.
'Caterpillars and Butterflies'. It's all about how things change when we encounter Jesus. Easter 2016.
Short talk series January - February 2016
A short series about 'taking stock'. January 2016
What difference does it make to have God “with us” – our December teaching series including the Carol Service message.
Restoring relationship is at the heart of God's purpose for us. Just as our relationship with Him needs redeeming, so do our relationships with each other.
Following Jesus is a team sport. Although we need to get fit on our own we also grow as disciples when we do life together. 3 talks on how the Big Group, the Small Group and Reaching Out helps us mature as followers of Jesus.
Look left, look right, look around you: A series about doing life together.
Teaching series on the book of Proverbs. June - July 2015
What is Church? A teaching series from March-April 2015
Doing the Stuff teaching series Jan - March 2015
Each year we have a Pie Chart Sunday - our annual review of the Church finances.