Discovering Vineyard


Discovering Vineyard is one of our Explore small groups where you can find out about who we are and how you can join in. This group is hosted by Howard & Gunita King and led by David & Alison Flowers. You don't have to be a Christian to join the group - you are welcome to come as you are - it's for everyone who would like to find out how Leeds Vineyard works, what we believe and how to join in. 

Discovering Vineyard runs over 10 weeks and feels just like an ordinary housegroup with a time of worship, some teaching and discussion and then an opportunity to pray for one another. Over the course of the 10 weeks we will cover:

  • What we believe
  • Our Vision
  • Our Values
  • Our Priorities
  • How we care for people
  • How we minister with the poor
  • How we teach the bible
  • How to pray for the sick and demonised
  • How to develop your spiritual gifts
  • Why we worship
  • Guidelines for sharing
  • Vineyard Disctinctives
  • Difficult questions
  • How we handle money
  • How to join in and what it means, why we don't have a membership
  • Where we are going - our plans for the next year

Attendance at Discovering Vineyard is a pre-requisite for some aspects of life in our community. For example: getting baptised, getting married (by one of our pastoral staff), having your children dedicated (or baptised) or joining the Servant Leadership School.  

There is plenty of room in the Vineyard for you to find a place that matches your God-given passions and gifts and to serve alongside others who share your hopes and dreams. So we would love you to come on the course and find out what and who we are and how to join in.

"It's a must, it sets the scene and lets you know the basis behind how things are done".
"An excellent way of learning about the bus, its route and deciding whether or not you want to get on!"

Next Group

The next Discovering Vineyard small group starts on Sunday evening 21 January 2018 & finishes on Sunday evening 11 March 2018. The venue will be somewhere near Headingley, start time to be confirmed.


If you'd like digitial copies of the flyers used please follow the links below to download.

Our Priorities | Our Values | Giving | Worship | Reach Out | Vineyard Kids | T4:12