Leeds Vineyard

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Leeds Vineyard took ownership of Vineyard House (previously known as St Michael's Hall, or, originally, St Michael's Parochial Institute!) on 10 December 2018. We are renovating this famous old Headingley building to create a dynamic variety of spaces in which we can respond to local needs and nurture change in people's lives. We believe God has called us to establish a community of faith in Headingley which, through Vineyard House, will communicate God’s love, mercy and compassion to all people.


The vision and plans for the project.
How can you play your part ... bring your loaves and fishes?
Prayer for Vineyard House, shared at a leaders' meeting.
The memories and people's stories from the building over the years.
The history of St Michael's Parochial Institute including architectural boards and historical events.
Some of the ways we are already serving and investing in Headingley.