Leeds Vineyard

Serve on a team

Being on a team is one of the best ways in which you know you belong and that you are part of everything that happens. Giving your time and gifts to serve allows you to join in with helping us as a community with our vision of 'Love God, Love People, Love in Action'.

We encourage everyone to find somewhere to serve and get stuck in using their gifts and skills and getting to know people. Many people also develops skills and enthusiasm for an area of ministry when they join a team.

During COVID-19, social distancing restricts much of church family life. It is difficult to feel part of a community when almost everything has to be online or by telephone. Nevertheless there are several teams still serving the church and the neighbourhood. Things are changing all the time but if there is something you are good at or you would love to do and you can offer some of your time then please contact us and we'll talk with you about how to do this. Some examples:

  • The Child Contact Centre - re-launching in September 2020 (see below);
  • Supporting children or young people's ministry online;
  • Supporting the Alpha Team in running online Alpha courses;
  • Vineyard House Refresh Team - helping get Vineyard House ready for ministry again (cleaning, gardening, moving furniture, repairing);
  • Vineyard House Compassion Ministry - various opportunities to serve the local community when we open for business, over the course of 2021. If you have particular skills in the area of helping others with their mental health, please contact Liz Harden to find out information about our Wellspring project.
  • Social Media, Communications and Website - are you good at writing content or managing/monitoring social media or collating stories, or interviewing people? Do you have video editing or website design skills you could offer?
  • Music - do you have musical gifts which can work in an online setting?
  • Weekly worship online - helping the broadcast team, running the platform, preparing the contributors for sound and vision.
Some of these areas of service have safeguarding and training requirements and the need to get-to-know-you. And, again, that is something that takes a bit more effort when we are working online. But let's try!

One day we may end up enjoying a full time of worship and celebration in a church building! If so then the Sunday tab below explains about the various teams available then.


If you would like to serve on a Sunday (*when we meet in person) there are a whole host of areas to get involved with.
A number of parents have been given the priceless opportunity to spend time with their children, whom they would not be able to see otherwise. To see the joy of the children at meeting with their non-resident parent is special indeed.