Leeds Vineyard


Is God interested in how I handle my money and possessions? What does the bible say about spending or debt? How can I become a generous person? This series is made up of really helpful talks and resources which address these issues.

David examines 2 Corinthians 9 for clues as to what happens when we adopt generosity as our response to God's ludicrous over-generosity to us.
David serves slices of apple pie to help us understand that giving is used by God as a discipleship tool. Generosity is one of the areas in which we wrestle with our faith.
David uses a bag of doughnuts to illustrate how the incredible generosity shown to us in Jesus overflows in our lives to confound the false narratives of money in our world.
We live in anxious times and many of us are facing money worries. The bible has much wisdom for a right approach to money.
6 questions to ask before you take on debt.