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David Flowers | 22/05/22
David + Alison Flowers | 15/05/22
David Flowers | 16/05/21
Eleanor Mumford | 31/05/20
David Flowers | 17/05/20
David Flowers | 08/12/19
Zeke Rink | 27/10/19
Jon Swales | 20/10/19
Jonathan Abbey | 18/08/19
David Flowers | 09/06/19
David Flowers | 19/05/19
David Flowers | 20/01/2019
Andy and Sue Larkin | The call to dwell in Jesus when you're hungry for more of his presence but find yourself getting hijacked by distractions.
When we enter into worship the ultimate aim is intimacy with God. Pete explores the journey we go on to get to that place through our sung worship.
David Flowers | If Jesus saw fit to read and orientate His life and behaviour around the scriptures, then so will we.
David Flowers | This could be one of the most important decisions in your life – choosing to receive the Holy Spirit. David explains how we should think about the Holy Spirit, who He is and what happens when we receive Him.
David Flowers | The cup is common biblical figure of speech. Here David explores the way Jesus leads us through suffering into blessing.
David Flowers | Who are you? What is your life? Would you entrust it to the world? What did Jesus do in response to people's love or hate?
David Flowers | If you believe, you will see. If you will pray, new life will come. If you will take off the grave clothes, you will set people free.
Jesus invites us to eat with Him but also invites us to bring our “fish”. However rough our life, whatever we have, good or bad, He sees into it all and welcomes all of us into his world-transforming life.
David presents our annual account of the money and volunteer hours that have been given to the church and how they’ve been spent.
Just imagine what it must have been like for your hero to die and then to find an empty grave. Just imagine what it must feel like to get your life back and to realise it is eternal life.
Luke’s version of events of Palm Sunday teaches us to expect Joy and Tears in this life. Anne shows when we don’t have the answers, feel lost and alone – we can seek comfort in walking the path that Jesus walked – one with tears and joy.
Maggie Gee from Harrogate Vineyard shares her journey of being called to church plant, how the gospel brings hope and how we are to step out for the Kingdom.
Nigel Hyde, Chief Executive of Home Leone tells us the exciting story of his work in Sierra Leone and some of the biblical principles which have guided him to this point.
A look back at what God has done amongst us in 2017 and then an introduction to our teaching theme for 2018, Prayer and some news and vision about Vineyard House.
In Luke 2:14 we read about this idea of favour. Matt explores how favour is connected with God's grace and that it can impact our lives by freeing us to be who God created us to be.
Sally Wallace talks about welcoming strangers into our homes and our lives. Speaking from the Nativity story and the parable of the sheep and the goats Sally shares her own stories of giving and receiving hospitality with strangers and some practical tips
David explains how the New Testament writers introduced a whole world of meaning into a rarely used Greek word, Agape. In 1 Corinthians 13 we learn something of what this word means and how it is such a radical concept.
Krish Kandiah explores Galatians 4: Why did God want to adopt us? And why would we want to adopt anyone else? He encourages us to be a church community which can be home and a safe place for all.
Tom Camacho trains leaders from the Vineyard Yorkshire and North West Area on 'Empowering Leadership'.
In the story of the Lost Son in Luke 15:11-32, the theme of relationship and reconciliation comes alive. Sarah explores how reconciliation is part of our ministry and our responsibility as followers of Jesus.
Having a healthy theology is an important part of our equipping and training priority and our study of the bible. Hannah explains about Hub and then Daniel McGinnis (Leader of the Leeds School of Theology) gives us Ten Top Tips for a healthy theology.
How do we see ourselves as God sees us and others? Gareth and Krystyna explore how to use a simple model to change the way we look at people and help them to grow.
David looks into Isaiah 61 to find a dazzling invitation is made to those in pain and poverty - and inspiration as we seek to obey God in STEPS 2017.
David and Alison introduce STEPS 2017 with our story so far and our vision for the future.
David explores how to "put love into action" means casting our vote but also honouring those who disagree with us.
Why is it that at the point of Jesus dying on the cross the curtain of the temple is torn in two? Ben Newman looks at the magnitude of Matthew 27:50-51 and how this impacts our lives.
David Flowers introduces Vision Sunday - we celebrated 2016 and then we looked forward with expectancy to 2017.
Rev Tim Boocock, Minister of Headingley Methodist, speaking from 1 Corinthians 1:1-9
God loves it when we get involved in his plans. What is God calling you to in 2017?
Matt Button looks to the gospels of Luke and Mark to find ways we can help people - without hurting them, or ourselves.
Tim Steere introduces Isaiah 1:10-16 prompting us to consider defending the cause of the fatherless. Included in this recording are interviews highlighting how this is currently being played out within Leeds Vineyard.
Anne Button delves into Luke 14:4-21 as we learn how Jesus' message is good news for the poor, plus introduces ‘Reverse Advent’ – a way of blessing those around us this Christmas.
Reading Mark 14:32:42, we reflect on who is in our lives by looking at who was in Jesus' life and how He models the importance of five distinct layers of relationships.
Wes Johnston, Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church (in Horsforth in Leeds) draws us back to considering the real Jesus as he teaches on Mark 1:1-8.
Steve Nicholson, (Evanston Vineyard) uncovers the life-changing secrets in John 2:1-11 where Jesus turns the water into wine.
Molly Ovenden shares her experience of hearing from God through building relationship with Jesus.
Pete Sammons continues a short series on Spiritual Gifts from 1 Corinthians 12:27-31.
What do we mean when we talk about spiritual gifts and why does God give them to us?
Scripture gives us the tools to deal with these uncertain and emotional times. David explains how we must respond.
Whatever your experience of being a son or daughter, and however you find that affects your life now, there is a greater hope for your life when you know the love of our heavenly Father.
Continuing series on Prayer, Andrew Lingham explains how few words are needed because God is so close to us.
Anne Buchan helps us in our continued exploration of the Lord's Prayer with the help of the children and everyone's participation with mouldy bread, paper chains and music - at our All In service.
How many of us don't actually know how to pray? Are we even doing it right? Kate explores how Jesus teaches how to pray and discovers it's all about connection with the one who loves us.
Philippians 4:14-20. Reasons to be generous. Followed by an invitation to be generous as we release and send the Newman family to church plant.
March 2016 - we hear from two of our families who are making big life changes and sacrifices to go church planting and from Alex Griffin who planted Sheffield Vineyard in 2012.
Gender equality is important because that's the way God made us and only when we are equal can we flourish as God intended.
In Mark 14 we read about extravagant giving and see how it messes with our minds. David also explains what the bible says about how much to give and to whom. Let's live for the line and not for the dot.