Leeds Vineyard

Lifecraft from God 

Proverbs tells us that making good decisions is about which way we are facing. David describes how to develop a Lifecraft of Decision Making.
Matt talks from Proverbs on the wisdom of friendship; how (NOT) to lose friends and alienate people
Pete Sammons looks to Proverbs for wisdom in speech; when to speak and when not to, how to use positive and wise words and how to offer criticism.
Society seems to tell us to work until we can afford a holiday. In contrast, James encourages us to take up Jesus’ offer to “come away with me and rest a while."
Financial lifecraft from Proverbs is very different from the wisdom of the Financial Conduct Authority, Money Supermarket or your bank. David explores 6 life-changing principles about money from Proverbs.
David Wallace looks at layers of meaning in Proverbs 31.
Ben Newman relates Proverbs 2 to learning to ride a bike. What are our stabilisers? How do we learn to exercise trust?
Sally Wallace looks at wisdom in Proverbs. What are Proverbs? What is wisdom? How do we get it?