Leeds Vineyard


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Student Team

Rachel and Dan head up the Student team and are both currently studying in Leeds. Dan is studying business management at Beckett Uni and Rachel is studying medicine at Uni of Leeds. They love to say hello to any new students, and organise pasta lunches and pub visits! 



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Young Adults Team

Lizzy and Elsi are two of our young adults here at Leeds Vineyard, and they head up the YA team helping to connect this community and organise events. They joined as students, and loved it so much, that they ended up staying in the city and continuing to be part of the Leeds Vineyard family.

Want to get in touch? Email Helen Hicks (Student & YA Pastor) and she will connect you with one of the team. Or just come and introduce yourself at one of our Sunday Gatherings. You can also arrange to meet Helen for a coffee beforehand if you'd like to!