Leeds Vineyard

Spiritual Practices 

As we seek to live in the fullness God intends for us, we ponder the biblical truth that it is often when we lose what our culture values, that we are free to gain what is of kingdom value (John 12:25). The spiritual practices of fasting, silence and solitude can create the space needed for true fullness of life. Gratitude reminds us of what we have, as opposed to what we don’t have; and contemplation, to remind us of the strength that comes when we feed our spirits, not just our souls and bodies. 

As Richard Foster writes ‘Spiritual disciplines (practices) are the main way we can offer ourselves to God as a living sacrifice. We are doing what we can do with our bodies, our minds, our hearts. God then takes this simple offering of ourselves and does with it what we cannot do, producing within us deeply ingrained habits of peace, love and joy in the Holy Spirit’.