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How to spend time with Jesus by Andy Smith, Belfast Vineyard
A brilliant, short booklet guiding and showing us how to do something which is both simple and a challenge.
These are available on Sundays or from the office, free of charge.

Stand by Karl Martin
An entertaining and pointed book which provides profound and yet easy-to-understand explanations of many of the key elements of following Jesus – the Trinity, Spiritual Warfare, the Kingdom. If you’ve heard Karl preach you’ll recognise the style straightaway (he will be preaching at Leeds Vineyard on Sunday 19 April).

The Message of Discipleship by Peter Morden
A deep and thorough study of Discipleship which starts from the assumption that it is all about a relationship with Jesus. Peter builds his discussion by providing commentary on several key biblical passages, some you’d expect and some less predictable (he will be preaching at Leeds Vineyard on Sunday 9 February).

Choose Life 365, Readings for Radical Disciples by Simon Guillebaud
A daily provocative thought with vivid stories, a short scripture and a prayer. Simon writes with humility but with a real challenge to any complacency. 

Renovation of the Heart, Dallas Willard
Another deep and profound study on spiritual formation from the master philosopher and theologian who spent decades worshipping in his local Vineyard church.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Peter Scazzero
Becoming a classic in helping us understand how our spirituality is linked to our emotional health. With excellent real life guidance on growing into health.

Prayer as a Place, Charles Bello
Bello is a Vineyard Pastor who is brutally honest about his discipleship. He explores the "Follow Me" theme inwards and provides fresh insights into various spiritual formation practices (Lectio Divina, Centring Prayer, Examen, Journaling etc). Particularly helpful for leaders.



https://lewisandclark.world/episodes - check out the one on "habits" - 36 minutes long. Really helpful discussion on what habits are and how they can enrich our spiritual life.

Apps, Articles and websites online

Lectio 365
A daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day

Meditation & Mindfulness
Christian meditation and mindfulness made simple. www.soultime.com - a beautiful resource for guidance toward resting and healing in God's presence.

Here is a great explanation of what journaling is with a short description of many different ways to do it. There's almost certain to be one that works for you!

Here is a guide to bible study and journaling which you may find helpful if you would prefer something less contemplative than Lectio Divina. 12 ways to kickstart your bible journaling.



Michael Dodd's Five Tips to Change and Grow

Belfast City Vineyard have created a video series to go alongside the book 'How to Spend Time with Jesus'.