It All Starts Tomorrow 

To Leeds Vineyard

It all starts tomorrow!

  • The new year – 2019 - a year of change, possibilities, enrichment, growth, learning, freedom and fresh starts.
  • The walking – our traditional walk up Ilkley Moor (can you offer a lift or do you need one? Please post on Facebook or let me know).
  • The Good Book – Genesis 1,2,3 and Psalm 1, here we come! If you’ve got the App the first few days also have fantastically helpful videos. If you don’t have the App, here’s the first one

Current Leaders’ Meeting

If you are leading an area of ministry or a small group you are invited to our next Current Leaders’ Meeting on Tuesday 15 January 2019 from 8.00 – 10.00pm. This will be focussed on training in some key leadership skills. Venue tba.

Theology – going deeper

Anne Button and Liz Harden are leading a Theology cohort using the Vineyard Training materials. If you would like to join, in please contact them.
Leeds School of Theology. An excellent introduction to Biblical Theology and starts on 12 January 2019. We have a bursary available to subsidise the costs.  


2018 has been a remarkable year – with many great highs but some difficult lows for many of us. Alison and I arrive at the 31st December with a growing awareness of the need to Wait – in prayer and in practice. We also have a growing expectation of what the Holy Spirit can do, will do, is waiting to do - in us individually and among us all as a church family.
2019 promises to be another remarkable year: we look forward to ministering to increasing numbers of people at weekly worship; more and more small groups will be started; the Vineyard House vision will unfold; we will climb a steep learning curve as we read the bible together.
These actions are all evidence of the coming of the Kingdom of God among us. So let us pray for these things, and for one another, and for our politicians and influencers as they seek to lead us through the departure from Europe!



David Flowers, 31/12/2018