22nd June 2018 - Introduction from David Flowers

As I mentioned on Sunday 10th June, we have now appointed not one, but two Project Managers to take the Vineyard House project through Phase II. They will assist us with realising some of God’s vision for Headingley and a space in which this church community can live out our faith. I am delighted to be able to introduce you to Sam Lewis and Cath Storey. In them we have the perfect balance of skill sets working on Vineyard House at the right time as we look to quicken the pace of our steps towards reaching our goals. Please pray for them as they work for Vineyard House. 

Sam-circleSam Lewis is an experienced Project Manager who, for the past seven years, has been the Operations Manager of Mosaic Church. Having moved to Leeds in 2005, Sam worked as an IT Project Manager at ASDA where he managed distribution, transport and retail projects. He joined the Mosaic staff team in 2010 and was responsible for overseeing and managing all operational aspects of the church. Sam has project managed the setup of The Barn Coffee Shop at Meanwood Valley farm. He is also the co-founder of ExpensePlus - a new online accounting package for Churches and Charities. 

Sam is spending the next few weeks shaping the project journey through in every detail, looking at finances, scenario planning, risks, budgets, short, medium and long-term goals. He will be tracking tasks, tools, people and ensuring timescales and goals are adhered to.

Cath-circleCath Storey is an experienced fundraiser and marketing account manager with a plethora of communications and event management skills. Cath has fundraised for Tree Aid, an international development charity, the ss Great Britain, a maritime heritage tourist attraction in Bristol and most recently for Leeds Mencap. Cath has a post graduate diploma in Marketing and during her working life has fulfilled various marketing roles within the financial services sector here in Leeds both client and agency side, working on large commercial marketing accounts such as Bradford & Bingley, ASDA, Vodafone and CallCredit.  

Cath is spending the next few weeks working with Sam on the budget specifics, identifying fundraising targets for the next phase, looking at potential sources of income, mapping out deadlines and opportunities for the project and collecting information for grant applications. Her focus will also be on communications and community engagement for Vineyard House. She has experience of Leeds Mencap’s capital appeal for The Vinery Centre to draw on – a new home for the learning disability community of Leeds and a much-needed community centre for East Leeds, opened in May 2016. Cath has said this of beginning her work on Vineyard House; 

“As part of the Leeds Vineyard family it is an honour for me to be working on this project, as followers of Christ we are called to help people in need. Jesus demonstrated this throughout his ministry and the parable of the good Samaritan is an example of how practical Jesus makes it – help the person who others ignore, give them what they need. As a fundraiser on this project I am a conduit telling the story of a community that has given and made sacrifices for the progress of Vineyard House to date. I am staggered at the generosity of heart in which the Leeds Vineyard community has given as we worship Jesus Christ, and look to be good neighbours, putting down solid roots of ministry in the heart of Headingley.”

Cath looks forward to providing monthly updates on Vineyard House. Your gifting means each one of you is also part of the Vineyard House journey and both Sam and Cath very much welcome comments and prayers. Please feel free to get in contact with them by email

Do also look out for the next Engine Room evening to worship, reflect and structure our prayer for Vineyard House Phase II. 


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