Leeds Vineyard


Stories of people's lives and how Jesus has impacted them.


Hannah Ripping shares the vision and stories of the Growbaby ministry at Bradford Vineyard.
Phil chats to Theresa about her story of listening to God, the journey of trusting Him with finances, and giving to STEPS 2019.
Jos talks to Billy about his story of trusting God in the midst of redundancy, giving to STEPS 2019 and how God spoke to him.
Jos asks Calum about his experience of receiving a word of knowledge for another young person and how it impacted them.
Liz talks to Josh about his highlights over the DTI weekend and how he was encouraged to fully rely on God.
David interviews two students who went to the Cause to Live For conference. Lizzy felt a challenge to put God first and Joshua shares how God gave him peace and purpose in his PhD.
Annette shares how she has used running to fundraise for Vineyard House and recounts how prayer helped her to cross the finish line of the Great North Run.
Jos asks Myles and Elsi to reflect on their time at DTI and how God spoke to them.
Liz asks Joel and Libby to share their stories of what God has done whilst they were at DTI.
Alison shares her experience of how Jesus' ressurection changes the way she approaches the issue of death.
Bob shares how God has spoken to him and brought about freedom.
"I’m learning to see myself as God sees me"
The commissioning of Ian and Hannah Ripping and Bradford Vineyard. David speaks on church planting and the Rippings share how God has called them to plant in Bradford.
Mark tells how God has been speaking to him at Cause to Live For 2017.
Jos shares how she is beginning her journey into fostering.