Board of Trustees

Leeds Vineyard operates under the umbrella charitable trust of the Wharfedale Vineyard (as do Harrogate Vineyard and Sheffield Vineyard). The Wharfedale Vineyard is constituted as a limited company and as a charity. As such it is controlled by a board made up of people who are both trustees and directors. The church reports to the Charity Commission and to Companies House. Our charity number is 1071353 and our company number is 3549120.

With the exception of the founding pastor and the company secretary, the members of the board are appointed on an upaid and rotational basis, usually serving for several years.

Currently the board is made up of:


David Flowers (Founding Pastor).
David is the Senior Pastor, a director of a small firm of independent financial advisers and a trustee on several charitable boards.

Anne Button (Company Secretary)
Anne is one of our Assistant Pastors and covers governance and finance.

Alex Holt (Chair with specific responsibility for people who employed by the Vineyard)
Alex is a senior engineer at the Canal River Trust (used to be British Waterways).

Judith Campbell (Representing Harrogate Vineyard)
Judith has a background in business and now works as a lawyer in Harrogate. As a member of Harrogate Vineyard her role is to "represent" that church on the board. 

Kelly Rotheram (with responsibility for finance).
Kelly works in London as the Chief Executive of a firm of lawyers.

Jon Grayson (with responsibility for risk management).
Jon is a senior manager working within the Security Industry. His expertise is in Risk, Governance & Project Management.

Steve Nixon (with responsibility for capital expenditure and looking after our "assets"). 
Steve is a property lawyer in Leeds and brings commercial and contract expertise to the board.