We are a church (we like to call it a community of faith, a group of people who follow Jesus) based in Leeds but gathering people from around the region. To find out more, you could look at our vision and values, look at the photo gallery or the intro video, find out about our beginnings, our links with Vineyard Churches UK or read some personal stories of our experiences of God at work in our lives.

Coffee and chat
David spends Friday afternoons in White's Deli - on Headingley Lane opposite Red's. Check it out on Facebook or Twitter. More ...
David Flowers
Christmas 2014 7 thumbnail
The King is coming - Christmas Services at Leeds Vineyard
All welcome to the Vineyard Carol Service on Sunday 7 December at 7.30pm and our Family Christmas Service on Sunday 21 December at 11.00am. More ...
David Flowers
DA - Dec 2008
Welcome Supper 1st December
You are invited to come along to the next Welcome Supper on Monday 1st December at the home of David and Alison Flowers. More ...
Leeds Vineyard
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Christmas Love in Action 2014 
During November at weekly worship there will be opportunities to get involved with our Christmas Love in Action culminating in bringing everything back to Headingley Methodist as part of our worship on Sunday 30 November. More ...
Matt and Anne Button
Being unplugged
What happens when the plug gets pulled? Plus updates on Christmas events. More ...
David Flowers
Bokeh christmas
Christmas Choir 
Come and sing! We are looking for singers to come and join us for our Christmas Carol Service on Sunday 7 December. Rehearsals begin Tuesday 4 November. More ...
Helen Hicks
The Darkness Doesn't Understand It 
Finding light in the darkness at Halloween. There is lots going on too. More ...
David Flowers
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Come as you are... you are welcome. Full stop. You don't have to dress up or be any particular age. You can bring kids or come on your own. You don't have to be in good health, or employed and we don't mind who you voted for. You can come from any background, culture or race.

Sunday 30 November
10:45amWeekly worship
Join us from 10.40am for a cup of good coffee or tea, to catch up with friends or to get to know some new people before our service begins at 11.00am. All ages welcome and provided for.
Venue: Headingley Methodist Church
An hour in which we wait on God - we worship, think, pray, intercede, meditate. Please come in by the side door on Chapel Street. It is locked at 7.30pm so please ring the bell if you are late.
Venue: Headingley Methodist Church
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During the week you can visit one of the housegroups which meet weekly in homes across the region, and often organise local Reach Out activities. Also check out the special pages for children, young people, men, women and for students and young adultsYou are welcome just to turn up at any of these events - do check the calendar for dates and venue maps.
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Register on the website to join an active virtual community for all ages, praying for each other, and receiving a weekly news email. To gain access to these extra areas of the site, you need to be known to one of the leaders, so please tell us your name when you visit!

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Also...  Read or listen to recordings of recent talks.  Read some personal stories of our experiences of God at work in our lives.

Romans - Web 1
Romans 3:9-26 The mercy seat This article has associated audio
One thing that is certain is the existence of evil and sin. But Paul shows that God has intervened in history to show a way for mercy. More ...
David Flowers
Romans 2:12-16 Let your conscience be your guide 
Your conscience is an essential part of who you are, God created you with a good conscience. It is not there to make decisions for you, it has no right to chirp away condemning you. It is a voice from your soul. More ...
David Flowers
Romans 2:1-13 The Gospel turns all the lights on This article has associated audio
One day all the lights will come on but in the meantime God's kindness gives us chance after chance to repent and get straight with him. More ...
David Flowers
Sex and Marriage: From Good to Great This article has associated audio
In Ephesians Paul sets a high standard for how men and women should treat each other in marriage. James shows how the maths helps: 1+1+1=1 and provides us with 8 hallmarks of a strong and healthy marriage. More ...
James Garvican
Sex and Marriage: Neither do I condemn youThis article has associated audio
In the wrong context sexual behaviours, thoughts and feelings can cause guilt and shame which can seriously affect us. The impact of an encounter with Jesus brings the promise of a complete turnaround. More ...
Sarah Byde
Sex and Marriage: Singing the Lord's song in a foreign landThis article has associated audio
The song that sings the truth about sex and marriage, about God's wise way of living needs to be heard in our city. We are called to sing the Lord's song in a foreign land. More ...
David Flowers