We are a church (we like to call it a community of faith, a group of people who follow Jesus) based in Leeds but gathering people from around the region. To find out more, you could look at our vision and values, look at the photo gallery or the intro video, find out about our beginnings, our links with Vineyard Churches UK or read some personal stories of our experiences of God at work in our lives.

Roll Away The Stone
Caked in mud and odd splashes of blood
Information about how you can celebrate Easter at the Leeds Vineyard and a request for you to bring an item of clothing on Sunday. More ...
David Flowers
Roll Away The Stone
Bunnies, Chicks, Eggs and Empty Tombs 
Easter preparations and an introduction to our theme for Easter Sunday, Roll Away The Stone. More ...
David Flowers
Photo albums
Photos from the excellent Mothers Day event last Sunday and a few more memories of good times at the Vineyard More ...
David Wallace
The Cracked Screen 
Would the guard let him on the train? What did he see when he looked at the cracked screen? And news about this week and next at weekly worship. More ...
David Flowers
blue shirts
Blue Striped Shirts 
How do you tell if someone is locked up or free? And important information about this weekend at Leeds Vineyard. More ...
David Flowers
A Walk of Forgiveness 
Cyndy Dowling shares her story of learning to forgive her father More ...
Cyndy Dowling
Healing - Sky for website
What shall I do with my hearing aid now?
What happens when we stand in the street and pray? More ...
David Flowers
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Come as you are... you are welcome. Full stop. You don't have to dress up or be any particular age. You can bring kids or come on your own. You don't have to be in good health, or employed and we don't mind who you voted for. You can come from any background, culture or race.

Sunday 27 April
10:45amWeekly worship
Join us from 10.45am for a cup of good coffee or tea, to catch up with friends or to get to know some new people before our events for all ages begin at 11.00am.
Venue: Headingley Methodist Church
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During the week you can visit one of the housegroups which meet weekly in homes across the region, and often organise local Reach Out activities. Also check out the special pages for children, young people, men, women and for students and young adultsYou are welcome just to turn up at any of these events - do check the calendar for dates and venue maps.
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Also...  Read or listen to recordings of recent talks.  Read some personal stories of our experiences of God at work in our lives.

Roll Away The Stone
Roll Away The Stone
God shows His love for you in the suffering of Jesus on the cross and in the power of the resurrection. What's left behind when the stone is rolled away is just the dirty remnants from life. What can God do with these? More ...
David Flowers
Romans 1:18-32 - The Gospel is the antidote to sin This article has associated audio
What is sin, where does it came from, what does it look like, what does it do to us and what can be done about it? More ...
David Flowers
Romans 1:18-2:4 The Gospel reveals our choice This article has associated audio
God has revealed Himself and given us the freedom to choose - to choose to worship Him or to worship that which He has created, idolatry. David illustrates the choice and its results and comments on Paul's use of homosexuality as an illustration. More ...
David Flowers
A Beautiful Rhythm of Life - Time is a Wonderful Thing - Ecclesiastes 3This article has associated audio
It's all in the timing. Pete Sammons looks at Ecclesiastes 3 and discovers that time is a good thing and is a God-given Beautiful Rhythm of Life. More ...
David Flowers
A Beautiful Rhythm of Life - Running Free - Hebrews 12.1-3 This article has associated audio
False narratives have one assumption. I am the author of my faith and I am the one who determines the course of my life. What we really need to understand is that true faith is determined by Jesus and is authored and perfected by Him. More ...
David Flowers
A Beautiful Rhythm of Life - Thirst is a Good Thing This article has associated audio
We need to recognise our thirst, what are you longing for? What are you thirsty for? It's OK to be thirsty, to want more. Kate shares how she has learnt to recognise and defeat the false narrative of dissatisfaction with the way things are. More ...
David Flowers