Leeds Vineyard

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Along with Vineyard churches across the UK and Ireland, we will begin 2022 with 21 days of prayer and fasting running from 10 - 30 January. There will be the opportunity to come together for a time of corporate prayer on Sunday 23 January at 7:30pm at HMC.  

This is a fantastic way for us to centre our lives on Jesus and pray for his kingdom to come in our world. There are daily guides inviting you to take part in these three ways:

Bible reading
Together we will read through the book of John which has 21 chapters, so one for each day! There will also be some focus verses for those who prefer to read a shorter passage. These verses will then feed into our prayer.

Spiritual disciplines
We encourage you to choose something to fast over the 21 days. This could be food, drink, screens etc (see our fasting resources for inspiration). In addition, we'll explore spiritual disciplines - in the first week we will focus on gratitude; in the second, on contemplation; and in the third, on silence and solitude. There are resources to help you with this below.

We will pray together for 21 themes based on the needs of our communities, our church, our city of Leeds and beyond. Each day will highlight a prayer focus and prayer suggestions.

Spiritual Disciplines

Daily Guides

Local community: Kingdom extension
Local community: marginalised and vulnerable
Growth and multiplication
Worship in the LV community
Preachers and preaching at LV
Students and Young Adults
Youth and Kids
Those facing tough times
Current leaders at LV
Child Contact Centre and The Lantern
Mission partners
Vineyard House
Evangelism: Alpha
Church unity, unity in our communities
Civic leaders in Leeds
Those who are suffering persecution for their faith
Empowering by the Holy Spirit: healing and miracles
Revival in Leeds and the nation