Good Friday Breakfast

Meeting on Ilkley Moor on Good Friday (30th March 2018) is a Leeds Vineyard tradition.  Each year we gather for a cooked breakfast on camping stoves, Easter eggs are found hidden in the heather and another kind of eggs (raw) makes for an interesting game of catch!

Meet at the car park in Wells Road, Ilkley at 10.30am. It is a short walk up to White Wells. If you arrive late, meet us on the hillside just above White Wells cafe.

Good Friday baconFood:
Bring drinks, bread and something to fry (sufficient for yourselves and a bit extra), or money to buy refreshments (e.g. hot chocolate) at the Old Spaw Baths tea shop. If you have one, please bring a camping stove and frying pan. Please do NOT bring tin-foil barbeques as they are a fire hazard.

What to expect:
As usual, the morning will include a very brief stood-on-a-stone talk before the eggy fun commences.  Weather permitting we will also go for a short walk. If we have mixed ages or abilities we can split into an easy one and a more vigorous one.  Little ones (or those laden with stoves) can simply walk back down the hill, most of walking age will be able to manage a 3-mile circuit (route described below) that includes the Cow and Calf, a tarn and a labyrinth.  Click the map to see the routes. Wear strong footwear and warm clothes – it can get quite cold up on the moor!
Good Friday - WalkWalking route:
White Wells, Rocky Valley, Cow and Calf Rocks and the Tarn: Allow 2 hours for the 3 mile (5km) walk. From the cattle grid on Wells Road, go past the paddling pool up the steep hillside to the white buildings of White Wells. Follow the track behind White Wells that goes through Rocky Valley - bearing left at the steps. Cross Backstone Beck over some rock slabs and across (half left) to the top of the Cow and Calf Rocks. Keeping height, turn left along the edge to a wooden stile among the pines, then descend to a lower path and a wooden bridge, which takes you to the tarn. The tarred path from the tarn leads back to Wells Road.


To help us plan, please let us know if you are able to bring some cooking equipment up on to the moor on Good Friday.  No need to fill in the form otherwise: just come (and bring your friends!)
I will bring a camping stove
I will bring a frying pan