Picnic in the church 


A time to share food and eat with each other. We meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month, after the service in the Large Hall.

Please bring cold food, (we cannot cook food) ready to share. Any food is great food. It can shop bought or homemade, so if you're a Masterchef or Bake Off fan please bring your creations to try on us!

If you are able to bring extra to share with others that would be amazing but don't worry. If you are unable to bring anything, just bring yourself. 


Upcoming picnic dates: 

16th September


Food ideas

  • Savouries: Sausage rolls, pork pies, pasties
  • Salads: Green, potato, cous cous , rice, pasta
  • Crisps, tortillas, breadsticks (no peanuts please)
  • Cold meats
  • Cheese  
  • Pizza
  • Dips, houmos, olives, anitpasti
  • Pickles and chutneys
  • Puddings: cake, biscuits
  • Fruit 
  • Bread and crackers

Any questions speak to Jon & Helen Grayson