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Prayer and Fasting 

Join in with observing Lent and download the Lent Journal 2023
Details of how to join in the Week of Prayer, Fasting and Preparation 2020: Truth and Reconciliation
Details of how to join in the Month of Prayer and Fasting 2018: Waiting on God.
Resources and articles on fasting
Details of how to join in the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for STEPS 2017
Feedback from the month of prayer and fasting 'Who is Jesus?'.
Introduction to the Month of Prayer and Fasting for February 2017. Theme: 'Who is Jesus?'
David Flowers introduces a month of prayer and fasting and our 2017 theme: Who is Jesus?
As our offices move to Headingley and exciting possibilities emerge for us in this part of town you are invited to join us in a month (yes a month) of prayer and fasting with the theme "Prepare the Way".
David introduces the Month of Prayer and Fasting for September - 'Prepare the Way'
A longer explanation and suggested format to follow.
A short introduction to Lectio Divina.
Some of the ways people choose to fast.
From time to time we allocate a week to pray and to fast as a community of faith. It helps us listen to God although we are not in the same room we can pray together - for each other and for the church.
You are invited to join in a week of prayer and fasting when we listen to what God is saying to us and pray for ourselves and the church. This year the theme is "I am doing a new thing".
By working on appetites I can control, the Holy Spirit helps me deal with ones that would control me.
The spiritual discipline of fasting gives God the opportunity to teach, train and heal us. It is not a way of earning answers to prayer but of learning how to pray.
The only way an athlete wins gold is by disciplining and controlling their body. This is another reason why I fast.
Jesus was sometimes criticised for not fasting - or at least his disciples were. Why did he fast sometimes and not at other times? Because there are situations where justice has still to be done.
The bible encourages us to fast but is not prescriptive about how we should do it nor indeed what it is. People fast in different ways and for different reasons. Here is one of the reasons I fast.