Leeds Vineyard

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Connect is the older part of Vineyard Kids, for Years 3 - 6. Through games, dramas, parties, chats, baking, painting, challenges and movies, the children learn about Jesus and how to follow Him in their everyday life.

  • Please tell one of our welcome team that you are here for the first time and they will introduce you to someone on the Vineyard Kids Team.

  • If you're new you'll be asked to complete a consent form which lets the Vineyard Kids Team know of any dietary requirements/allergies/medication/additional needs etc.

  • You'll be given a numbered tag when you sign your child/children in - please keep hold of this to sign your child out at the end.

  • At 12.30pm the host will announce it's time to collect the children from Vineyard Kids. Please take your tag with you and sign out your child.


If you would like to ask any questions or talk through our programme, please email Sally Lingham or get in touch by phone on 07501 680034.