Leeds Vineyard

Doing the Stuff

Living in the tension of the “now and not yet” and looking to James 5:13-16 James Garvican unpacks the question Does God heal today?
If there is a God does He care enough to reveal himself to us and speak? Does He have anything for us to do?
"Lord help me to pay attention to what you're doing around me today and give me courage to join in with what you're doing"
How do I start? What do I say? What do I do? How do I stop? David walks us through a simple framework for praying for the sick - the Five Step Prayer Model.
When we surrender our lives to Jesus we become aware of opposition, spiritual opposition. David looks at Jesus' example to learn how to deal with demons and demonisation.
Jesus shows us where action starts - with seeing and with a compassionate heart. Sarah explores this, tells her own stories and challenges us to become more like Him.
Pete Sammons unpacks how servant evangelism plays a part in reaching the lost and blessing the communities we serve.
Ben Newman discusses 6 points to help us learn how to naturally talk about and share Jesus with our friends.