Prayer is important in our community. We value being a group of people who pray and depend upon God and not our own collective skills and abilities. We pray at every opportunity when we gather be it on Sundays or in housegroups or whenever.  

What does the bible say? why is it important?  

Here are some ways in which you can join in (although we encourage you to pray on a regular basis on your own too):


  • Pray for each other in small groups and on Sundays.

  • Pray for your friends and family, for neighbours and work colleagues.

  • Join the next Headingley Prayer Walk

  • Join our Healing on the Streets team or go out Treasure Hunting in Headingley

  • We encourage individuals to meet in twos or threes to pray regularly for each other and for our community.

  • At intervals during the year we have a time of prayer and fasting.
  • Pray for Leeds - there are regular Citywide Prayer Lunches and 24 hour events to get involved with.

From time to time we set up a multi-sensory prayer environment. It is set up for a period of time to allow people to spend an extended time engaged in private prayer, with the help of installations and various expressive media.


Check out these two talks about how Short Prayers Count and on how God Uses You to pray. 

5 Step Prayer Model