Leeds Vineyard

Visiting on Sunday?

Visiting-on-Sunday---Laptop-MoWelcome! You're invited to our Sunday gathering, 'weekly worship online'.

If you are thinking of tuning in one Sunday then we hope that this information will help you to know what to expect. We hope that you enjoy coming along and find somewhere you can call home.

Where do you meet?
Ordinarily we meet in Headingley Methodist Church, but currently we are meeting online, Sundays at 11am for around 45 minutes. You can tune into the live stream on YouTube or Facebook.

What happens?
A two minute countdown clock will let you know that the live stream is about to begin. Just enough time to settle down with a cup of tea or coffee! 

The host for the morning will welcome everyone, explain what’s happening today and then hand over to the worship leader who will lead us in around 15 minutes of contemporary worship. The words will appear at the bottom of the screen and you’re invited to join in from your home.

After this the speaker will give a talk based around both the bible and our experience of following Jesus that is practical and relevant to everyday life. Then we’ll have a time of prayer, linked to the talk or something we feel Holy Spirit is saying to us this morning. You’re invited to join in however you feel comfortable.

After the live stream you're invited to join optional Zoom rooms if you'd like to receive prayer (Prayer Ministry) or to receive general encouragement (Hearing from Heaven). This is also the time we run the Newcomers' Zoom if you're new and would like to meet David & Alison Flowers and other newcomers. The link to the Zoom rooms will appear at the end of the live stream.

Is there anything for my children?
For children ages 0 -11 there are Vineyard Kids activities. Each week there is a video and supporting activities for families to do together. There is also the Vineyard Kids Family Service, each Sunday at 10.15am. Please contact Anne Buchan if you’re interested in joining in.

For young people ages 12-18 there are T4:12 activities happening on Sundays, as well as small groups, and mid-week challenges. Please contact Liz Harden if you’re interested in joining in.

If you have any queries ahead of visiting us please get in touch.

We hope that this helps to explain about what to expect. Please do come along, we would love to welcome you.