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Message from Mexico 

I spent Valentine’s Day in a drenched Ensenada – a city about the size of Bradford right at the top left-hand side of Mexico, about an hour South of the border town of Tijuana. So I was 5500 miles from Alison, but it’s OK, she hid some chocolates in my bag.
The sun has shone brightly here on the Baha Peninsula but the rain has fallen too, lots of it – and when that happens the city comes to a standstill. At least the Brits here can cope with rain even if we struggle with leaves and snow back home.
I’m here (with Anthony and Chris Pollard) to visit Libby and Ivan Mungarro and to take part in a house-build with one of their favourite teams from Minnesota. Actually the team we joined built two houses in three days. Here are pictures of: just before we started (a concrete slab); during (walls but no roof); roof; and finally a front door. One housebuild took two days, one only a day. The caravan has been the family's home for several years - since they escaped sex traffickers who tried to abduct their daughter at their home town in Central Mexico. 

I have some reservations about short-term missions like this but there is no denying the transformational beauty of watching a family as they move from a one room shack with no lock to a place of safety and protection from weather and intruders.
But you also have to watch a humbled father having to receive a huge gift of time, money and hard work from complete strangers because he has been unable to provide shelter for his wife and children. Wealthy people preoccupied with whether it’s steak or fish tonight looking at beautiful but poverty-stricken people trying to keep their wardrobe and dignity intact. It’s a complicated emotional experience but also a vivid sign of God’s blessing brought about by through the generosity of his followers.
Thank you to those of you who made a gift to this ministry: it was wonderful watching the children’s faces as they saw beds and bedding in their new homes – something they have never before experienced – and thinking that we had been able to contribute towards this delight. I was going to take a photo but it felt too intrusive, sorry!
The whole programme is an impressive operation based out of the YWAM base here in Ensenada. They build hundreds of houses every year and introduce thousands of people to a transformational experience as they serve some of the poorest of the poor. You probably know that Anthony and Jane Pollard (Libby’s parents) are part of a team which takes a bunch of teenagers from the North East every summer. You can be very proud of Libby, she (alongside Ivan) is held in high esteem here, works incredibly hard and is a highly competent leader and manager whilst raising two gorgeous girls. Ivan & Libby are both spiritually mature beyond their years and handling immense challenges with grace and aplomb.
I’ll share more about the work they are doing when I get back. Tonight we go to the church to take part in the Youth Service at which Ivan is leading worship and then we’ll visit one of the several services their church holds on Sunday.
Last Sunday a team from Leeds Vineyard went to Bradford Vineyard to help Ian and Hannah Ripping launch their Sunday morning brunch (Hannah is also Anthony and Jane’s daughter!). That went really well despite a very difficult run-up during the week. More news about that in due course too.
And then those of you at weekly worship on Sunday have a BIG TREAT because Alison will be teaching. Yay! She’s got a great message for you, “God’s Space, Our Space”. In the following weeks I’ll be revisiting issues raised in Genesis 1 & 2 about identity and sexuality.

David Flowers, 16/02/2019

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Choices that lead to changes

In my experience there are several choices you can make as a disciple of Jesus which will accelerate your personal growth, spiritual maturity and well-being. Almost by definition, none of them are easy. If they were easy the change they could bring wouldn’t be needed because you would already be there, changed.
At the beginning of this year we are inviting you to make two decisions, not easy ones, hard ones - but choices that will, I promise you, bring change.
Choice One: choose a small group to commit to for this term.
Choice Two: choose to invest 30 minutes a day to read the bible.
Most of us can think of lots of reasons why these two decisions are difficult to implement. But my experience as a pastor for many years is that regularly attending a small group and reading the bible every day leads inevitably and mysteriously to magnificent changes. I can’t fully explain why or how but I know that God responds to you when you make these hard choices. In unpredictable but glorious ways He steadily gets closer and does soul surgery on us.
If life is a challenge: if there are blockages you don’t seem to be able to shift, addictions which control you, relationships which produce pain – one of the ways the Lord comes close is through your small group and your bible reading. Yes, really. Try it!


Check out the website here.  
Things are happening behind the scenes in the building although it will take some time before you can tell from the outside:

  • Asbestos being removed;
  • Kitchen cleaned and repaired (thankyou to the wonderful volunteers);
  • We have already had some meetings there;
  • One of our friends who sleeps on the street has established a bit of a home in the porch and we are talking with him about the future;
  • LCCT (Leeds Christian Community Trust) will become tenants in the next few weeks;
  • We will move our offices from North Lane sometime before the summer;
  • A bunch of American Football fanatics in the church plan to watch the Superbowl there!
  • The Prayer Room small group are decorating and preparing a Prayer Room in Vineyard House;
  • Sam and David are working with the architect on trying to fit the vision into the possible and the legal! 



Last week I had breakfast with a bunch of pastors from around Leeds and I can report that God is doing great things in many churches and that we were able to demonstrate a whole-hearted unity as we shared communion together (this is the “Week of Christian Unity”)
On the same theme - this weekend we have a pulpit swap with Tim Boocock, the Headingley Methodist minister, preaching at weekly worship and David preaching at the Methodist service.
The following week the pastoral staff, leadership group and others are heading off to Nottingham for the annual National Leaders’ Conference. I suspect it is going to be wild! Please pray for us.
In February David will be going to Mexico to visit Ivan & Libby and build houses for those living in the slums (with Anthony, her Dad, and Chris, her brother – the Pollards). Libby went out there many years ago to serve with YWAM and has been a missionary there ever since! You may like to support this by making a donation toward the cost of fitting out the new home we’ll be building. You can do so through the usual giving arrangements (just mark it “Mexico”) – or let me know.
And finally, bookings for Ashburnham 2019  are open – come and join the fun and have a wonderful week’s holiday in East Sussex in August.

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It All Starts Tomorrow 

To Leeds Vineyard

It all starts tomorrow!

  • The new year – 2019 - a year of change, possibilities, enrichment, growth, learning, freedom and fresh starts.
  • The walking – our traditional walk up Ilkley Moor (can you offer a lift or do you need one? Please post on Facebook or let me know).
  • The Good Book – Genesis 1,2,3 and Psalm 1, here we come! If you’ve got the App the first few days also have fantastically helpful videos. If you don’t have the App, here’s the first one

Current Leaders’ Meeting

If you are leading an area of ministry or a small group you are invited to our next Current Leaders’ Meeting on Tuesday 15 January 2019 from 8.00 – 10.00pm. This will be focussed on training in some key leadership skills. Venue tba.

Theology – going deeper

Anne Button and Liz Harden are leading a Theology cohort using the Vineyard Training materials. If you would like to join, in please contact them.
Leeds School of Theology. An excellent introduction to Biblical Theology and starts on 12 January 2019. We have a bursary available to subsidise the costs.  


2018 has been a remarkable year – with many great highs but some difficult lows for many of us. Alison and I arrive at the 31st December with a growing awareness of the need to Wait – in prayer and in practice. We also have a growing expectation of what the Holy Spirit can do, will do, is waiting to do - in us individually and among us all as a church family.
2019 promises to be another remarkable year: we look forward to ministering to increasing numbers of people at weekly worship; more and more small groups will be started; the Vineyard House vision will unfold; we will climb a steep learning curve as we read the bible together.
These actions are all evidence of the coming of the Kingdom of God among us. So let us pray for these things, and for one another, and for our politicians and influencers as they seek to lead us through the departure from Europe!



David Flowers, 31/12/2018

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Work, Rest and Pray MusicStaffNotes

Remember the advert ditty? "A Mars a day helps you work rest and pray". Well almost!
Here are some thoughts on work and rest and prayer - some dates and helpful information too.


I’ve been a follower of Jesus for nigh-on 50 years and throughout that time I have prayed. At least I thought I prayed. As we have centred our thoughts on prayer this year it has become clear to me that I have been paddling in the shallows and that I needed to learn to swim. I need to learn what prayer means and how to do it. I need to increase my understanding and faith in how prayer changes things. I need to learn how to pray more and to pray more effectively. Lots to do and learn and together we have been doing and learning this year but there is a way to go!
Please check out the website resources for podcasts of all the “Prayer” teaching, and recommendations for good books and websites.
During next term we will have one of our regular times of Prayer & Fasting. It will be called “14 Days to Pray and Fast” and, as usual, although you can take part as much or as little as you wish, I’m inviting you to join in from Sunday 30 September until Sunday 14 October. During this time we’ll focus on three things:

  1. Fasting – this time we’ll be fasting food (for those who are new, we have sometimes fasted “screens” or “phones”);
  2. Praying – for our friends and particularly about the development of Vineyard House;
  3. Inviting our friends to: “Try Praying”. 

We’ll be using the www.trypraying.com resource during this time. It is a really helpful way of introducing friends to the idea of prayer, and thus into a relationship with Jesus. We’ll speak about it at weekly worship, investigate it in small groups and do it with our friends! You can download a great App from the website and start checking it out. Nearer the time we’ll have some booklets for those who prefer something tangible to work with. In the meantime, start asking the Lord about which friends he may want you to talk with about praying!


At the end of June we had a lovely Sunday afternoon by the river in Ilkley when we baptised six of our brothers and sisters. Such great testimonies, all so different. We really do have some better stories to tell – ones of radical life change and new life.
On 23 September we’ll be baptising some more of our friends. If you would like to be baptised please let your small group leader know as soon as possible or talk with one of the pastoral staff.

Men’s Getaway

Also in September (14-16) but please book now! A relaxed couple of days camping near Harrogate – great to invite friends to!

Vineyard House – Next Steps

I trust you are receiving regular updates from Cath Storey – if not please check your Church Suite settings! You can catch up on the website (JOIN IN/STEPS 2017 or search for Vineyard House).
For some two years we have been focussed on praying that we get this building and figuring out how to pay for it (thank you for your gifts!). Now that we have exchanged contracts (with completion due in December) our focus is on the core decisions about what we are going to do in the building and therefore what planning permission to apply for and what renovation work will need to be done. This in turn will cost money as well and we will be working on how to raise those funds in due course.

Equipping & Training

Sally, Jos and Helen have been doing Hub with some of our local Vineyard churches. This is aimed at developing leadership skills and is a must if you have a calling to church planting or pastoral ministry on staff. It consists of excellent practical training in a “flipped learning” environment, with a monthly evening commitment and is led by Ian & Hannah Ripping who lead Bradford Vineyard.
If you are looking at theological training, then the Vineyard offers distance/web-based courses around which we build cohorts of students.

An alternative is the Leeds School of Theology Gareth, Howard and Sophie have been attending this year (I did it last year). Here is what Gareth says about it: "Attending the Theology course at LSOT had been immensely rewarding. The quality of teaching has been excellent throughout and has shown me how to look at the Bible in new ways (especially from the context of the Early Church). All in all it has strengthened and deepened my faith and I am so glad I have embarked upon this particular journey."

So we commend it to you if you are looking for some basic but high quality theological training and would like to do it in a flipped learning environment with only one Saturday per month to which you need to commit.
Finally, in September we launch our intern programme which is based around a year long commitment to Leeds Vineyard. 
If you would like more information on any of these please talk with the pastoral staff or contact Matt & Anne Button.

Ashburnham 2019 – My Story

Every other year a whole bunch of us join with friends from several other churches to spend an idyllic week at Ashburnham Place in East Sussex (that's the website for the venue). The dates for 2019 are the 10–17 August and the theme is: “My Story”. Karl & Nicki Martin (Senior Pastor, Central, Edinburgh), Stephen & Helena Ibbotsen and Jenni Entrican (President of the European Baptist Federation) are some of our guest speakers. It will be a great week – book the dates and start saving! Booking will open soon.


It’s not a pool-side page-turner but a book I enjoyed reading on holiday is REST by Alex Soojung - Kim Pang (let’s call him Alex). He’s a secular researcher out of Silicon Valley who has compiled some fascinating research about the brain and sleep. His compelling argument is that we should think as carefully about how we rest as how we work. You can get it as an audiobook too.
I believe that God made us for work and rest but that we have got confused about what is good and what is not and how work and rest relate to each other. Alex’s book has persuaded me to make some significant changes in how I work – not least to recognise in which parts of the day I work best and in which parts I rest well. It is also liberating to realise that some of my non-work hobbies are not only good for rest but also good for work!
Alison and I are praying that you have a really good summer with plenty of rest!

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Next Steps 

Alison and I are about to go on holiday – we take ours before the school holidays and so expect to be around most of July and August. Holidays are good things, well they’re essential things actually, as is a day off each week (a “Sabbath day”) – but before we go I wanted to bring you up to date with some fresh news:
Vineyard House Phase II – Next Steps
Since my last newsmail we have indeed exchanged contracts (high fives and celebrations all round!!!!!). This is such good news. It means we are legally committed to buying (and Jim Harris, the vendor, is legally committed to selling) Vineyard House. We have paid a significant deposit and will pay the balance of the purchase price in December when we get the keys. This gives us 6 months in which to plan the Next Steps – the renovations and getting further funding in place. Perfect. Twelve months later than I first hoped for but actually, in the big picture, much much better.
I had lunch with Jim yesterday and we were both very happy with where we have got to. He is delighted that the building is going to “come alive” (his words) and has promised to help us with preparing over the next months. Look out for opportunities to visit and check it out – which we will publicise from time to time. I am looking forward to inviting Jim to the grand opening!
Through his gentle persistence Phil Hicks has got us to this point (thank you Phil) and now hands over Project Manager responsibilities to Cath and Sam and you can read all about them and the Next Steps on the Vineyard House blog.
Engine Room
I would love you to get along to the Engine Room on 8 July (7.00pm – 8.30pm at HMC). This is going to be such an important time of prayer, waiting on God for guidance about Vineyard House and specifically about what shape the Rocks (and primarily the Business Rock) should take. We’re about to make final decisions about these things – decisions which will guide our Next Steps: the spending of money and the use of the building for years to come. Your participation and prayers are really important – the Lord is waiting for us to meet together to pray and knock on heaven’s door.
The World Cup organisers didn’t check our calendar before they scheduled England against Panama – but fortunately you can watch it on catch-up! There’s an even more exciting event taking place in Ilkley after church on Sunday afternoon (24 June 2018) when Cath, Dawn, Karzan, and Nicky step into the River Wharfe to be baptised. We’ll meet them on Sunday morning and then drive up to Ilkley. It promises to be a lovely day: bring a picnic and games and come and support these obedient disciples as they make their public commitment.
Church Suite
If you are reading this it is quite likely that you are registered on our administration App, Church Suite. But some people have had a little difficulty figuring out how to get into their account and update their data or look for information. Some of you may not realise that you can download the App to your smartphone. Please call the office and speak to Sue or Hannah if you need help with any of this.
As we continue in our fascinating studies in Prayer I would point you to the resources page on the website for some reading and watching. I’d also add Philip Yancey’s book, “Prayer, Does It Make A Difference?”, to your summer reading - Anne Buchan strongly recommends it.

David Flowers, 23/06/2018

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Times of Application, Times of Celebration 

To Leeds Vineyard
There are times when life in the community of faith just bumbles along, moving happily from one regular event to another, experiencing some difficulties here and some merriment there but without any particular peaks or troughs. We see God at work among us, we continue to learn about growing as disciples but our story smooths out for a while. And then, all of a sudden, lots starts to happen – and we enter a season of excitement.
Well the last couple of weeks have given us some excitement with two causes for prayer and application and four causes for prayer and celebration!
The more challenging things have been getting on top of GDPR and closing in on the purchase of Vineyard House.


Whilst being, in my view, a GOOD thing, has caused us, along with everyone else, a deal of head-scratching, small-print reading, deep discussion and lots of extra communication. The fact that you are reading this means that you have responded to our requests to stay in touch. Thank you! It would be really helpful if you could ask around your friends and family within the Vineyard and check whether or not they received “News from David”. If they didn’t it means that either they haven’t responded or that they have - and they don’t want to hear from us ever again!


Vineyard House

The team have been hard at work behind the scenes with last minute negotiations and the tying up of legal loose ends. I’d continue to value your prayers over this in the next few days and I’m looking forward to reporting back with good news very soon.
The matters of celebration have been many but here are FOUR:

  1. We welcome Ezra James Button to planet earth. The family are doing well, learning the startling rhythms of life with child no.3 - each day bringing something new! Please pray for Anne, Matt, Reuben and Amy, as well as baby Ezra. If you’d like to support them by making meals please contact Sue or Sally at the office.
  2. We welcomed Dave & Rachael into marital bliss at a wonderful wedding last Saturday. They were ministered to by 3 different denominations (Rachael’s father who is an Anglican minister conducted the wedding vows; Tim Boocock, the Methodist minister at HMC took charge of the signing of the register; and Alison and I led the service, preached and prayed - with help from Richard & Sally Pollard). Nevertheless, it was a wholly Vineyard wedding with many of you turning out to serve them in many ways throughout the day. We were so proud of the way in which the Vineyard community supported and celebrated with Mr & Dr Bratley.
  3. The weekend before that the leaders had their annual retreat, this time at Ampleforth Abbey. Apart from being a gloriously beautiful weekend in a stunning setting, it was also a super- beneficial time away for the leaders to kick back a little, learn some really helpful stuff (from Tom and Helen Murphy of Derwent Valley Vineyard), worship and pray together. There were also reported sightings of Harry & Meghan late on Saturday night and dancing into the early hours. You’ll have to ask the people who were there but suffice to say there was lots of fun and laughter too. One of our best ever weekends. A BIG thank you for the team who stayed behind in Leeds to ensure that weekly worship went ahead as usual.

    The talks have been recorded and we’ll issue a notice when they are ready to download or listen to. The theme was “Leading into a New Era” and if you’re a leader (or just interested) I commend Tom and Helen’s talks as inspirational preparation for Vineyard House and my final session when I explained about how buildings are sometimes very important to God as a way of providing an Epiphany – a demonstration of His presence – and what that means for us.
  4. And then we also celebrated with Pie Chart Sunday last weekend – remembering what God had been doing with us in the last year and being grateful for the way He had provided for us in people, money and resources. As we looked at 1 Peter 2 I reminded you that this isn’t just a social club with therapeutic tendencies. No, you are a Chosen, Royal, Holy, Special people – not because of what you have done but because of what has been done for you. You have been given a new identity and it is time to let people know! 

Lots to give thanks for,

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A very unusual thing is happening tomorrow

A very unusual thing is happening in Leeds tomorrow. 99 council seats are being voted upon in the 33 wards around Leeds. In a constitutional quirk every single councillor is being elected in one go and so there is every likelihood that Leeds City Council will look very different on Friday morning.

What do they do, these councillors?

Role of Councillors

Councillors are volunteers who play a leadership role in their community, both catching the vision for the city and sharing it in their neighbourhood, and also taking the neighbourhood’s vision to the City. A councillor represents their ward and gives a voice to the citizens. They have to make knife-edge decisions about where scarce resources are applied, seeking to protect the vulnerable whilst serving the whole community. And they vote on the changing laws and regulations of the city, being led by their values, hopefully good ones!

So we should do two things:
Firstly; pray for them, Here’s a useful link if you want to know more. And then pray particularly for the three in your ward and the three in the Headingley Ward. Pray that God’s kingdom will come amidst the discussions and decisions and that we will see more glimpses of heaven in Leeds! You could use the graphic above to pray into their role.

Secondly; vote. If you haven’t already cast your postal vote then I urge you to take the time to wander down to your local polling station and place your three crosses on the ballot.

Tour de Yorkshire

Another big event over the next few days. Watch out for road closures although the bicycles don’t get to Leeds until the afternoon so it won’t affect us on Sunday morning.

Another crazy event this weekend

Our young people are off to DtI (Dreaming the Impossible) with 1,000 other young people from around the movement. Liz Harden and her team are thankful for a warming weather forecast but need our prayers and best wishes as they look after the youth in their care. Every year we see God at work in mighty ways amongst the young people and we look forward to hearing all about it in the following weeks.


On Sunday June 24 we are looking forward to baptising some folk in the River Wharfe in Ilkley. Book a sunny day out in your diary and let those around you know so that if anyone else would like to be baptised they can take this opportunity. It’s a great celebration and a fun way to have a picnic together.

Turning Ecological

It is without doubt a Good Thing to serve people refreshments on a Sunday morning but we do end up using quite a lot of paper cups which are difficult to recycle. So if you have a favourite travel mug you could bring that with you (empty) on a Sunday and we’ll gladly pour in some delicious beverage!

Leaders’ Weekend

Over the 18-20 May, many of the current leaders will be away at Ampleforth Abbey for the weekend we take out every couple of years. This year our guest speakers are Tom & Helen Murphy from Derwent Valley Vineyard.
Until this year Tom and Helen were Associate Pastors to John & Debby Wright and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to us from their time at Trent Vineyard. Helen was, for many years, the leader of the Arches, a quite incredible compassion ministry. We’ve asked them to help us prepare for the future as we take on Vineyard House – how can we wisely invest our time and labour to make the most difference for God’s kingdom?

Vineyard House

Speaking of Vineyard House, we are hard at work behind the scenes negotiating the final parts of the contract. It’s been a long wait but we are getting nearer and nearer to exchange of contracts all the time. Keep praying that God’s promises to us will be fulfilled.



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So we are well into our theme for the year of Prayer. What have you learnt so far? We have spent a month thinking about Waiting – and most of us are realising that waiting is easy to say, much harder to do. It’s in the waiting that so much happens. We hear, we receive and we change - less as a consequence of answered prayer; and more during the waiting in prayer.
We’ve thought about what prayer is: a response; emotional; turns theology into experience; you are your prayer life. We learnt about being watchmen and setting a guard and the two dynamics of the gardener’s prayer (protection and abundance). We’re going to look at  some practical aspects to prayer in the next few weeks and then return to the theme in June/July with a series on the Lord’s Prayer. There are podcasts, resources, video links, book recommendations here.
Elaine shared this with me recently about how prayer is changing for her, “My impatience is leaving me. There is more time in my day, as I am slowed down by Jesus. I want to pray, and I have always craved that time to be completely alone with God, but always feel I have to go away to be by myself to do that. Now I just close my eyes wherever I am and He is there.”
I think the Lord has spoken through these weeks and has made it very clear that we are to be, first and foremost, a people of prayer. We are a people of action, yes indeed, Vineyard House is testament to that, but activity has to be preceded by prayer. There is kingdom power in activity that emanates from prayer and as we wait in prayer we become aware of our inadequacy and of his supremacy. He can do supernatural things through a prayerful people.
Here is an illustration of what happens when we pray. Alice, one of our wonderful students, is training to be a social worker. She was sitting in on an early intervention meeting on a complex family law case. Here she describes what was said about the Child Contact Centre:
“I was in a room full of different professionals, all of whom recognise the Vine (as our Child Contact Centre is known) as a service they can and do use….. The contact centre is having a massive and far reaching impact on families and the work you are doing is being recognised by a range of professionals from school teachers, family outreach workers and the CAMS team. In big multi-agency meetings the Vine is being brought up in conversation as a possible intervention and being spoken very highly of. 
“I asked my supervisor afterwards if she had used The Vine before. She gave a glowing report. She said that: the contact she had with Elaine from the referral process; the setting up of contact; and then the feedback she got from the parents and children afterwards was brilliant. She said that the contact centre is a really valuable service that is needed because that contact between the parents and children is so valuable and there are not enough places that offer it. She spoke of it being a real lifeline for some of the families she works with.  
“I found it so exciting to be in this placement setting and to hear that professionals are turning to the Vine as an intervention to support families and to know that it is being run by the local Church.”

Vineyard House

We are about to enter Phase 2 and are ready to appoint a Project Manager for the renovations and/or fund raising. You’ll find the job advert on our website in the staff section. Please spread the word and prayer that the right person or people read it and get in touch.


We are already looking forward to our next baptisms – this time on Sunday 24 June. It’s one of our favourite days of the year! If you have not yet been baptised and would like to be please talk with your small group leader or one of the pastoral staff. Two people have signe up already!

Leaders’ Weekend

All current leaders should have received an invitation to the Weekend over 18-20 May. This year we are heading for the wonderfully peaceful and prayerful surroundings of Ampleforth Abbey. We have a real treat waiting for us because our guest speakers are Tom and Helen Murphy who were, up until the end of last year, John and Debby Wright’s associates at Trent Vineyard but who have now planted the Derwent Valley Vineyard. Places are limited so please book up soon (via Church Suite).

Global Day of Prayer

If you would like to join in with a Leeds-wide prayer event please put Sunday evening 20 May at 6.30pm at Bridge Community Church.

Finally, an encouraging word (prophecy)

By prophecy I mean that God speaks to us through others. Prophecy is one of the gifts of the Spirit and I would encourage you all to grow in receiving it. Sometimes it includes or sounds like scripture. Sometimes it is addressed to all of us, at other times to individuals. Prophecy is part of a mature prayer life.

A few weeks ago John received these words and graciously shared them. I think they bear repeating:  “I did not make a mistake when you were born (in fact I knew you as you grew in your mother’s womb). Your Nationality is not a mistake (I love the country of your birth). I did not make a mistake putting you into the family you were born into (In fact I placed you in family). Your name is not a mistake. I did not make a mistake giving you the personality you have. Your passions and dreams are not wrong. Embrace these things they make you who you are. You are a Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation, set apart and belonging to me.”



David Flowers, 31/03/2018

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