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Small group resources

Here is a collection of useful resources for people leading housegroups or other small groups

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Following Jesus
Ideas for small group meetings based on eight traits of people who follow hard after Jesus More ...
Kate Newman and David Wallace

Krystyna Gadd
How to plan a housegroup session
Krystyna Gadd has created a useful guide to help anyone in a housegroup to plan and lead a session. More ...
Kate Newman
Job Descriptions
Sample job descriptions for different roles in housegroups More ...
David Flowers
Doing change well
This interactive training session explains a five-piece model of change management and nine guidelines for effective communication of change. More ...
David Wallace
Pastoral resources
Nik Gee and Dennis Laws are working on developing a bank of referral sources. They are seeking to build a database of specialists on whom we can call for help and advice and to whom we can refer for counselling. More ...
David Flowers
Prophetic and revelatory gifts in housegroups
There are many revelatory gifts and these should be used by all: words of knowledge, prophecy, interpretation, discernment, dreams, visions, pictures and others. As leaders we need to help people understand how to use them. More ...
David Flowers
Nooma Resources
Nooma? What is a Nooma? Find about about this amazing DVD resource for your housegroup, or just for yourself. More ...
Ben McAvoy
papercut people
Group dynamics
When leading a group, the discussion may not go quite as you had planned. Here are some thoughts on different kinds of people you may encounter in your group. More ...
David Wallace
Asking good questions
Using open and closed questions in a small group. How to help a discussion to flow. More ...
David Wallace
Different kinds of small group meetings
It is good to have a variety of formats and styles of small group meetings. They don’t need to be hard to prepare! More ...
David Wallace
Questions of self-disclosure and accountability
Some suggestions for facilitating personal sharing in a group setting, with "the Bible and me", "Questions of accountability" and "Accountability in the workplace" More ...
David Wallace
papercut people
Why do we recommend that groups use icebreakers? Here are some reasons why and a list of easy ideas to use. More ...
David Wallace
Songsmart available for housegroups
Information for worship leaders from housegroups wanting to use Songsmart to project their sets More ...
Ben McAvoy
A homepage for your housegroup
How to create a homepage and news items for your housegroup. More ...
David Wallace
Youth resources
Leading activities with young people seems to need an everlasting source of fresh ideas and angles, both to help communicate and to engage and enliven proceedings. This page will develop into a collection of ideas and resources. More ...
Housegroup leaders
Home page for housegroup leader information and link to the resources pages More ...