Leeds Vineyard

A homepage for your housegroup

The website system allows each housegroup leader to create and maintain their own webpages.  It is also a very helpful administration system.  Also did you know you can download and use SongSmart for any musicians in your housegroup?


How to start creating and changing things

You will notice a link "Web Office" below the menu bar in the centre.  Click on that and you enter the WebOffice church administration pages.  


Click the "+" beside the words "Leeds Vineyard" on the left and you should be able to open up Groups, Housegroups and then your own Housegroup folder.  Click on the "X and Y's" words.


Now notice the tabs along the top that say Summary, Documents etc.  The most useful ones for housegroup leaders are explained below



This is where you can edit your housegroup homepage.  Click on the title of the document and an editor that looks quite like Word will open in your browser.  Use the little buttons to add links, pictures and more exciting things like Components. Full instructions here.


Your housegroup homepage needs to have a bit of your vision, preferably a photo of the leaders, a map or rough indication of where you meet (we don't publish full addresses on the public internet), and links to the leaders (insert link to a Person) - this means that logged in people can easily find your contact details, but your details are safe from general viewing on the internet


You can also create news items - to advertise a special event or Reach Out activity in advance, or to show photos and tell the story of what happened afterwards.  Either way, email the office to let us know new stuff you have written - we usually like to publish as many as we can in the newsmail each week.



You need to put the dates and venues of your meetings in the events tab.  Don't worry it is easy to add several months in one go - just say it repeats weekly and it is fairly automatic.  Full instructions here.



It would be extremely helpful to the leaders if you could keep the list of people who come to your group up to date.  It allows us to spot who is and is not in a housegroup.


Hopefully it will be fairly easy for you to add people.

Click "Add another person"

In the treeview top left, click on Wharfedale Vineyard

Use the alphabetic links at the bottom to navigate to the person you want.

Click on the people's names you want to add.

Click Select Records


If the person was not on the list, then please could you encourage them to register on the website, mentioning your name when they do.  You could even let them do it on your computer on a housegroup night.  After a day or two they will be accepted and you can then add them to your housegroup.



Strictly optional, the attendance tab lets you record who has attended each meeting.



Again optional, you can create rotas for your group - but it is probably over the top unless you have a very complicated setup!


A useful feature to allow you to email all the people in your group from inside the website. This is how we produce the weekly email for the whole church - probably over the top for a small housegroup but useful for a big one. Full instructions here.

David Wallace, 22/12/2005