Leeds Vineyard

Discovering Prophecy  

Discovering Prophecy is a new training course, covering all aspects of the biblical gift of prophecy, hosted by the School for Prophecy.

'The Discovering Prophecy training course will help you better understand the biblical gift of prophecy, hear more clearly from Father for yourself and others and equip you to give and receive prophetic words using biblical principles. The training course lays biblical foundations for prophecy’s proper use, dispels its more common myths, misnomers, and misunderstandings, and reveals its full potential as a potent Body ministry.

The Discovering Prophecy course is suitable for those with limited experience and those already moving in the gift because it explains the fundamental biblical principles and establishes foundational biblical practices that will increase your understanding, operation, and experience of the gift. 

It provides clear, candid, and comprehensive teaching on all aspects of the biblical gift of prophecy, a comfortable and safe environment for you to practice and experienced advice on hand to help you grow in the gift. This course comprises nine sessions covering the following subjects:

  1. What is Prophecy
  2. Battle of the Mind
  3. How to Hear God
  4. Seeing in the Spirit
  5. New Covenant Prophecy
  6. Preparing to Prophecy
  7. Language of God
  8. Testing Prophecy
  9. Receiving, Discharging, & Responding

Every meeting will include a teaching session with an on-screen presentation, an activation workshop, discussion times, and the all-important questions & answers session. Student-style presentation notes will be provided for all the teaching sessions and video recordings of the teaching sessions will also be available to purchase and download.' 

Course Leaders
Kevin McStay is a recognised national prophetic voice and member of Carlisle Vineyard church. 
Mark Iles is the founder of the School for Prophecy and a member of Winchester Vineyard church. 

If you'd like to receive the booking link please email the Leeds Vineyard office.