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Our Modern Slavery Task Force are really pleased to support City Hearts which is a Yorkshire charity that works with exploited and traumatised people. Ed Newton who some of you may have met already is the Chief Executive Officer.

"For over 15 years we have supported some of society's most vulnerable and exploited people. Often, the men and women we support arrive with nothing but the clothes on their back. We want those we support to feel cared for from the moment they arrive, whether it's providing a pair of comfy slippers in their welcome pack or some luxury chocolate, this makes someone feel valued.

When they're ready to move into their new home, which for many is a major step in their journey to independence, we want to provide the items which make a house a home, from lamps to photos and rugs.

Through the Restoration Hub, we'd be able to provide packs which give people back their dignity. We're aiming to raise a total of £62,000, which will cover the costs of the hub set up and running for the first year."