Leeds Vineyard

Reach Out & Covid-19 

One of our priorities as a church is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. When Holy Spirit is at work within us ministry spills over into the community around us in generosity, power evangelism and social action.

Many of us are bursting with ideas about how to do this but let us take stock and ensure that our actions support the efforts of our government, NHS and other key workers in order to keep our communities safe. We are blessed with many fabulous organisations already doing wonderful work in ensuring provision for those who need it within our city – let’s help them!
Whatever you decide to get involved with please check first that it is in accordance with the Government’s latest guidance at https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Volunteer with Voluntary Action Leeds

Support Leeds City Council  to help provide care and support. Sign up to become a volunteer. Training will be provided so volunteers are as safe as possible.

0113 297 7920

Donate food items

Foodbanks are seeing an unprecedented demand currently. This can be most easily done by choosing to do your food shop at a location accepting donations or getting involved.

Get involved with Fareshare: https://www.fareshareyorkshire.org/

Prayer Walk

Prayer walk if you are able to go out for your daily exercise. Pray at home if you are shielding or self-isolating!


Connect with neighbours

Join with your neighbours informally to help in your local area.

There are some great tips & guidance on VAL’s Being a good neighbour pack.
Perhaps you could set up a local WhatsApp group.

Driveway giveaway

You may have items in your home that you could leave for passers-by to pick up. eg Try Praying booklets

It would be helpful to leave a little note explaining and also to say how to get in touch with Leeds Vineyard if people have questions. Please ensure that you wash your hands well before preparing them to go out!

General encouraging of caution:
With any giving of items there is a risk of transferring the virus from one household to another. We don’t yet know how long this virus can stay on surfaces for. With essential food/medical items this is one thing, with non-essential items please do seek permission before exposing someone to potential risk.
Please don’t knock on neighbours’ doors to check on them. Stick to virtual means of touching base wherever possible. If you don’t have any contact details please follow the guidance in the VAL pack above.
Ordering in items for giveaways – please consider if these are essential, or if you can avoid needing an extra delivery to your home? We want to protect those involved in the preparing and delivering of items too!


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