Leeds Vineyard

Weekly Prayer 

It has been powerful to unite in prayer, in our response to Covid-19, through the daily prayer posts. As the crisis eases, it seems appropriate to both widen the focus of the prayer posts and find a new rhythm. Therefore, we are going to replace both the Wednesday Candle of Hope prayer time and the Daily Prayer posts with a Weekly Prayer post.

Theresa, on behalf of the Leeds Vineyard prayer leaders, will post a prayer focus on the Leeds Vineyard Life Facebook group each week on a Monday. She writes: 

Weekly Prayer will consist of a scripture and a theme for our prayers for the world. The theme will usually focus on a current news event. Praying together in this way will develop our sense of community and be powerful in the heavenly realms. Please use them as the Holy Spirit leads you, praying once as you read the post, or daily for that week or in whatever way fits best with your regular prayer pattern.

If you're not on the Leeds Vineyard Life Facebook group and would like to be please email.