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Leeds Vineyard in the digital age

To everyone who calls Leeds Vineyard their home,

Your staff team have been meeting all day to pray and discern how we should “do church”. We take the view that the impact of COVID-19 is going to last for quite a long time and is going to get more severe not less. We can make gathering together a bit safer but we also have to think about the impact of our people self-isolating or getting ill.

This means that, inevitably, there will be (1) fewer people to serve on rotas, (2) more people for us to reach who aren’t able to join in a gathering and (3) the risk that we will contribute to the burdens of an already overworked NHS.

Meeting in groups
We have decided to re-think how our community will flourish and grow, how can we worship and pray and disciple one another, how can we extend the Kingdom – without meeting together in groups? In fact, God is bigger than our habits and traditions and has astounding prospects in store for us!

This has, effectively, just become “government advice”. We are also persuaded that meeting together is perhaps the most risky behaviour in which we could engage.

So, with immediate effect, we are postponing the Current Leaders’ weekend, suspending weekly worship at Headingley Methodist Church and stopping meeting together in small groups and growth groups (including young people).

Weekly worship online (22 March 2020)
We will gather together online at 11.00am on Sunday morning. Later this week we will send everyone on ChurchSuite a link which will mean that you can watch and listen on your phones or tablets or laptops.

As we gather round our screens in our homes, I will welcome you all and bring you up to date with news and stories and our plans for digital church. We’ll join together in worship with Helen Hicks leading us in some familiar songs. And then Liz Harden will speak briefly and finish our series on “Being with Jesus”. I’ll bring things to a close with a time of prayer. The whole thing will last around 40 minutes.

In future weeks we will add follow-on activities for children, families and adults.

Small Groups
Over the next weeks your small group leaders will be deciding how to “do small group” without meeting up. This will probably mean an increased use of WhatsApp, more telephone calls and setting up video conferencing. I will be sending out notes as usual which the leaders can use as you share with each other.

We gave quite some time to thinking about how we express our vision and priorities as digital church. If you want to read more please click here.

In the meantime, may the Lord grant us His peace in these anxious times.

More to follow in due course,


16 March 2020