Leeds Vineyard

Different kinds of small group meetings

It is good to have a variety of formats and styles of small group meetings. Some leaders make it so easy and actually ... they don’t need to be hard to prepare!

  • Inductive Bible study: what does it say? what does it mean? how does it apply to me?
  • Bible meditation: e.g. lectio divina, art-based meditation
  • Lifecraft topics. Money, relationships, work
  • Topic about relating to God. Prayer, spiritual gifts, Jesus, giving, Holy Spirit, worship …
  • Watch a video clip, or a whole Nooma DVD (available from the office), or a whole film - and discuss
  • Accountability questions – see suggestion sheet
  • The Bible and me: - see suggestion sheet. Introduce a personal disclosure question with a Bible verse.
  • Looking back, looking forwards “What has changed for you in the past six months?”
  • Bring and share. E.g. a CD track/photo that means something to you
  • Task planning – reachout event

Please add ideas of meeting formats that have worked for you using the comments button below.


David Wallace, 19/09/2006