What is Vineyard House?    

Originally a Parochial Institute for nearby St Michael's Church, built in 1877 by George Corson (who was also responsible for The Grand Theatre and the Leeds General Infirmary). Leeds Vineyard took ownership on 10 December 2018.

We are renovating this famous old Headingley building to create a dynamic variety of spaces in which we can respond to local needs and nurture change in people's lives. 


We believe God has called us to establish a community of faith in Headingley which, through Vineyard House, will communicate God’s love, mercy and compassion to all people.

Mission Statement

We will establish Vineyard House as an iconic building bringing life, light, music and hospitality to the Headingley community. A safe space in which Christian compassion finds full expression. A place where the stranger is welcome, where anyone can pray, where the lonely and vulnerable will feel safe.

Rooms will echo with the joyful sounds of young people and children at home, music will be played and art created. The building will radiate warmth for those seeking support and help, the hungry will be fed and the refugee befriended.


As a church we rent space for our weekly worship from our friends at Headingley Methodist Church. As we have grown, we’ve found that it can get rather full at times, especially for our children and young people’s groups, and for the work of The Vine, our Child Contact Centre charity. 

We have reached the stage where we need our own space, not for Sunday worship but to give expression to our vision of communicating God’s love and mercy to all people during the rest of the week! We long to share this good news in practical ways, to develop leaders and to minister with the poor in practical ways.

In order to help those in need: people suffering with financial hardship; those who are not living in their own home; those who might feel lonely or isolated; the elderly; families; children and young people, we need to establish our own venue and base.

Vineyard House will provide a communal space, a venue, meetings places, offices and rooms for various helping services. And to start with we are establishing a Prayer Room.