29th October 2018

Update from Cath Storey (Project Manager Fundraising & Marketing) about Vineyard House Phase II – establishing relationships, hearing from the church community, half marathons, Leader’s prayer, and much more...

The project team met with Alex Soble MP (our local MP) and Neil Walshaw (one of our local councillors) this month. It was a great first meeting, getting to know them and sharing our vision for Vineyard House. Our primary question was, “How can we help you?” They were a bit taken aback by us offering to help rather than ask them for stuff but responded immediately with “Loneliness” and “the rough sleeping” and “the environment”. They went on to provide very useful contacts and suggestions.

This month the Vineyard House project team also met and established relationships with Child Friendly Headingley and the chair of Headingley Neighbourhood Plan. We hope to be invited to their meetings and to become a long-standing member of the forum. We have also shared our Face Facts research with key contacts locally (particularly South Parade Baptist Church) and have been learning more about the council’s services planned for the Community Hub.

Mapping out all the activities that are happening in Headingley is important, one funder has recently stated “it’s important to involve your community in the design, development and delivery of the activities you are planning to do. This helps projects to be better supported and is more likely to be successful as a result”.

VH PP Slides3

Thanks to everyone who completed the church survey: if you have not had the chance, please follow this link to do so – please include any questions or thoughts you have on the project.  We have had a great response and are in the process of collating all the results.

Please do also pick up a Vineyard House leaflet on Sunday - if you haven’t already and do take one for family and friends who might like to support the project with the fundraising task that lies ahead. And of course, massive thanks go to Annette Clark who completed a half marathon on the 9th September and raised an amazing £550 for Vineyard House. Check out the recent recording of the interview and account she gave in church about how prayer helped her to reach the finish line.

Annette RunAnnette Cath

I am working on the fundraising strategy for Vineyard House, and Sam Lewis, who you will meet soon if you haven’t already, needs to know “how much and by when” for his side of the project planning. We anticipate most of the income will be generated from grants, trusts and foundations. However, if you have an inkling of an idea for a fundraising challenge to raise money for Vineyard House that you, your friends or others in the church family might like to do, speak up! I have experience of raising money through challenge events personally and in my work with other charities. It could be a fun thing to organise and plan as the nights draw in. Planning and getting people involved now would mean a great start for the 2019 season!

The wait for Vineyard House and the project planning process is a long one and will continue even after we have the keys to the building on the 10 December 2018. Sam and I have come in two years since the initial project was announced and can imagine that it is hard to stay enthusiastic and hopeful. We held our last Leaders’ Meeting in the building and some of our prayer time was based on a verse which encourages us to keep going because it won’t be long before we see the bright light shining out of Vineyard House!

The God of heaven Himself will help us succeed; therefore, we will arise and build!  We will trust His Word and believe in the Sovereign Lord who always keeps His promises.  Nehemiah 2:20

Please see the article to read more of the prayer and response that the church leaders gave for Vineyard House during their recent meeting.

If you would like to contact Sam or me about anything relating to the Vineyard House Project Phase II, please do email us via the office.
If you would like to support the project financially then you can give here.

Cath Storey