27th September 2018

Update from Cath Storey (Project Manager Fundraising & Marketing) about Vineyard House – the next three months will be action packed as we draw closer to completing on the purchase of our new building for the Kingdom.

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As the leaves turn from green to red and we head into Autumn, the Vineyard House Phase II project team, Leeds Vineyard Trustees and Leadership Group are getting closer to answering the question, what will Vineyard House be used for?  What are the priorities for use? What activity will be visible and what as a church will we need to do behind the scenes to deliver various activities? We are also closely assessing how the different ways we might use the building rank with our faith. Partnership and collaboration is key for Vineyard House to succeed in the short and long term and it is important for us that we are seen positively within the local community. The next few months will see everyone in the project team meet with, and establish working relationships with, key personnel: from politicians, to third sector groups and organisations doing amazing work in Headingley, as well as our partner churches in the area. 

Please look out for a church survey in the form of a questionnaire coming your way on a Sunday in early October. How you feel about the project and how you want to be kept up to date is important to us. As the project gains pace, we hope to fill in any gaps the church community might feel they have about Vineyard House. We want you to feel part of the journey. Please do complete it and include any questions or thoughts you have on the project and we’d also like to hear how you would like to receive information about the project in the future. 

Did you make a financial pledge?

There are several key things coming up, one of which is completing on the purchase of the building on Bennett Road. As we draw ever closer to this date, we need to receive any outstanding pledges that you have made. It is important that we receive any outstanding pledges of financial support to the project before the end of September so that we have adequate time to claim the necessary gift aid. Please do email Adrian, or David, with your intentions. Your support at this time is received with heartfelt thanks.

Another key element of the project planning this next quarter comes under “Policies and Procedures”. Sam Lewis would really like to hear from anyone who is gifted in this area or who already has this role outside of the church community and would like to offer some support in setting up and ensuring all the policies and procedures are in place for Vineyard House for the appropriate time when we take ownership and responsibility for the building.  Please contact Sam via the office if you would like to help or can think of someone who we might ask to help in a voluntary capacity. 

As a project team we look forward to hearing what God might be calling us to do in Headingley. We hope many of you as well as praying for those put on your heart, will also pray for the Vineyard House project during the “14 days to Pray and Fast” which starts on the 30th September.  We want to hear Him lead us in our decision making and the next steps for Vineyard House, so if Leeds Vineyard is your community of faith please start the 14 days by coming along to the next Engine Room on Sunday 30th September.

The next few months are important as we honestly, objectively and prayerfully work through what it means to be people of God in our community, in the location of Headingley and with the specific circumstances that our community of faith has. 

We want to serve our neighbours in Christ’s name and hope you can all join us in our team prayer.

Heavenly Father, we come to you today asking

for your guidance, wisdom, and support as

we carry out our work. Help us to engage

in meaningful discussion; allow us to grow

closer as a group and nurture the bonds of

community. Fill us with your grace, Lord God,

as we make decisions that will affect the

church community, and continue to remind

us that all that we do here today, all that we

accomplish, is for the pursuit of truth for the

greater glory of You, and for the service of

humanity. We ask these things in your name,


If you would like to contact Sam or I about anything relating to the Vineyard House Project Phase II, please do email us via the office

Cath Storey