The Vision for STEPS 2017: Vineyard House

At Leeds Vineyard we often talk about the Vineyard Person – he/she has two legs, one for compassion & mercy and one for worship & prayer.

Why is a building important for compassion and worship?
Buildings are simply facilities.

The Big Idea is to use these buildings, Vineyard House and HMC, to release compassion and worship in Headingley and across Leeds.
In one building (Headingley Methodist Church) we will focus on our core priorities of Worship and Bible. In the other (Vineyard House) we will focus on our core priorities of Equipping, Sending, Reach Out (Compassion) and Fellowship. Both will be places of Prayer.
In May, Alex & Karen Griffin (Sheffield Vineyard) were praying for David & Alison and had a revelation for us along the following lines:
“I see a tree trunk, short and wide and very strong. It is being carved. On the top is a table, also being carved. But as the table top is carved it grows wider and wider. The tree trunk is plenty strong enough to hold a much, much bigger table. It’s a banqueting table and on it there are many cups and mugs being filled to give away to the thirsty.”
Although the purchase of this building (Vineyard House) is a huge step, it is the right time and we are strong enough as a church to support a much larger table.

It will take time to "grow" the table but in due course the Vineyard in Headingley will be known as good neighbours, a church “which provides a place of hope and refuge where the weak are made strong, where the lonely find a friend, a place of new beginnings” (a word from the Engine Room).
We will work in partnership with other churches, charities and agencies in Headingley. We will be known as a community that “gives, gives, gives” (another word from the Engine Room). 

Our purpose at Leeds Vineyard is to "nurture changemakers”. Vineyard House will release us to do this more and more effectively. 

Please join us on what promises to be an exhilarating ride!
David & Alison Flowers
June 2017
 “They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated.” – Isaiah 61: 4a