Rob in LIV Village, South Africa 

Rob Marshall is currently at LIV Village, in South Africa, doing a 3 month internship. Check back here for updates from him.

Hey family!

So I'm now in my last month on the village how it has gone so fast is beyond me!

I'm currently having teachings on culture of honour and have just finished a teaching on hearing gods voice! As I pray more and delve in to what God has planned for me I can't help but feel that my time here on the village is not done!
Although I am still coming home I feel that in the next year up be back doing whatever it is God is leading me to! I'm just having faith that of it is from God and he wants me back here it will happen, if not he will close the door and open a new one!

I feel as though there is very little I can actually relay to you through this update other than where my heart is currently at. Not because there isn't anything I tell you (there's loads I want to tell you) but because it's hard for me to really tell you anything through written words. I would much rather tell you when I'm home!

One thing I can tell you is that I hate mosquitos!!! And spiders! I have some lovely scars from being bitten by spiders here and though it's not bad now because it's winter here and there are just not many bugs around it is a regular thing to wake up and feel like you have been feasted on and find little red marks everywhere!

Other than that I'm great!
The next time I speak to you will be in person now and I can't wait to see all your lovely faces!!

Blessings and peace.

Hey guys!

So it's been a while!
Village life is great and I'm learning so much and traveling it out with God!

My life and the way I view things has changed so much! I came here completely numb to how people live and it genuinely makes my heart hurt when I think about things I complain about back home!

There is a couple that work on the village Nosipo (works in the LIV cafe) and Michael (works in the factory) they have 3 children and where living in a mud hut no bigger than a box room that we at home would use for storage! 5 people! They never complain at all either! About a month ago we had some pretty bad weather and unfortunately their house caved in with them in it! So they had to move to an even smaller house with just 1 room!
Thankfully God has blessed them with a new house which the soul survivor team came and built! And there now living in a house that they don't have to worry about it breaking every day however it's still only 2 rooms but reasonably sized! But the joy on their faces just breaks my heart! AMEN

So we have started our internships now... My last update told you about homes management! Well... God threw me a great big curve ball and now I'm in the retail factory. I went for a meeting in the factory and when I left, my heart stayed! From that point I knew that this is where God wants me for these next few months!
To you guys that are coming to soul survivor if you buy anything from the LIV stand it is likely that I have either washed, cut, sown, or stuffed it.
The LIV choir are touring and coming to momentum and soul survivor! There also doing other venues! Il send a list of dates when it is finalised because I would just love for you all to be able to meet my LIV family and hear the story!
There's a very special lady who has changed my life called Dudu (I call her mam, others call her mama Dudu) who is coming in the tour!

My time here is going so quickly and I have so much to share that I'm not writing in these updates because I want to tell you all face to face! 2 and a half months to go! Let's see what God does with them! Il be in touch again soon
God bless!



So it's been a whole month already! Where has the time gone?

My time here on the village has already changed my life and I'm certain there is even more to come. So I'm currently spending Monday-Friday helping out in all different areas of the village! This ranges from maintenance work to helping in the school! Some of the work is hard and tiring but at the same time it's so much fun.

On a Friday I get the absolute privilege to go to the school in the local community called the cotton lands and host an assembly for the whole school! Every morning before school the kids always sing !one of my favourite songs literally translates in English to say "only Jesus is welcome here and we're stamping on the demons."

The village currently has around 200 kids! In June there are another 60 kids coming from an orphanage that has closed in Durban! The village is doing its first ever choir tour this year! 18 off the kids will be attending momentum and all soul survivor festivals to perform!

So a little news about me!

A couple weeks back I decided to make a recommitment to give my life to God... It felt incredible to sit at the foot off the cross and give my all!

As many of you know o came to the village very sure that I would be doing my 3 month internship in music... Well apparently God has other plans! Every Tuesday we have a vision teaching that gives us a little insight to the vision off different departments on the village !

One of the sectors is called homes management, this is probably one of the busiest yet most unseen parts of village life! In homes management they know every sins gel item that ever comes on or leaves the village, where it's going, and when! They are accountable for all the houses! The shed ( a massive old war shelter that is quite literally overflowing with stuff...) and all the food/shop. So basically with out homes management the village would not run! Whilst praying I very clearly heard God telling me that's where I'm needed and that's where he wants me to intern! I tried ignoring because I really wanted to do music! God didn't stop telling and now I'm doing my internship in homes management! So yeah that should be fun ! I can't wait to get stuck in and try make things run a little smoother!

Anyway that was a lot of babble!

God bless you all and il be in touch again soon!

If anyone feels like sending me a letter at all the address is:

C/O LIV village
PO Box 1024
Umhlanga Rocks
South Africa

Please don't feel obliged to! But if you feel like it hearing from home would be great!