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How to plan a housegroup session

Krystyna Gadd has created a useful guide to help anyone in a housegroup to plan and lead a session

She says, "The most important thing to firstly decide is what you want everyone to get out of your meeting. In order to help you do this, ask yourself: 'By the end what do I want people to be able to do or know?' Ask God to guide you in this, by praying beforehand."  Of course Krys also gives some helpful hints on writing good objectives.

Every housegroup session has a Beginning a Middle and an End, according to Krys. It sounds so simple! And she has provided a heap of suggestions for each of those sections - with pointers on how to make good use of the "Following Jesus" resources on this website.  

The third page shows some star tips on making the whole thing interesting - but some of the stars are not filled in yet.  What would your top tips be for planning an interesting housegroup session? - please respond in the comments below.

Kate Newman, 14/05/2013