Healing on the Streets

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Every second Saturday of the month we have a dedicated team of people who go out into Headingley to pray for people. You will find us at the junction of North Lane and Otley Road, near the end of Wood Lane between 10.00am and 12.00pm, look for our Healing banner.

It will only take a couple of minutes of your time, you just have to take a seat.
What would you like God to do for you today? Will be our question to you. God can heal broken bodies, broken hearts, broken minds. He loves being involved in our lives if you have worries or are having a job interview. Nothing is too big or too small. We are there for you.

We love people to support us in prayer and we are wanting to build our team so that we can come more often. If you are in a housegroup at Leeds Vineyard and would like to help please contact us. We have a meeting once a month for the team at our house. Contact Jerry and Pauline Wild through the Vineyard Office if you need any other help. We will visit the sick in hospital on request.

Miracle Question

During our time at Headingley we often have a group, led by Gunita King, going out asking the Miracle Question. We go out around the streets of Headingley as we ask people, ‘If God could do a miracle in your life, what would it be?’ We pray for people and enjoy seeing Jesus demonstrate His love for them.

Contact the office for more details.